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To Do List:
:bulletred: Idea in thought
:bulletorange: lines drawn
:bulletyellow: chapter/story started/in progress
:bulletblue: coloring in progess
:bulletpurple: chapter/story being edited
:bulletgreen: Done

Ideas to start on:
:bulletred: The Hex Girls-GMD style
:bulletblue: Ali and Ratigan
:bulletred: OC bio for Alana cel Rau
:bulletred: OC bio for Lila Flint
:bulletblue: OC picture of Dominick
:bulletyellow: Ratigan and Juliet: A GMD Romeo and Juliet story
:bulletyellow: ArielxRatigan story
:bulletyellow: To Trust a Pirate: Sandra and Ratigan (have yet to write first chapter)
:bulletyellow: Some kind of story for Alana cel Rau, Fane's daughter
:bulletyellow: AvengersxReader stories
:bulletred: Kaa story sequel
:bulletred: Sandra FlintxCaptain Long John Silver from Treasure Planet

Stories/Art in progress:
:bulletyellow: Batman/TMNT crossover story
:bulletyellow: To Love a Criminal: Cimarron and Ratigan
:bulletyellow: To Trust a Pirate: Sandra and Ratigan (Got a few stuff)
:bulletyellow: Avengers Pranks
:bulletyellow: RatiganxReader stories
:bulletyellow: Dusk till Dawn story
:bulletyellow: Disney City RP journals

Gifts to start on/in progress:
:bulletblue: GMD OC Danielle for DiscordantPrincess
:bulletred: Alana getting revenge for Sofie for WingsOfASong
:bulletred: Brody D&D OC for Commanderjalc
:bulletred: Bernard surrounded by girls for VDupLEX
:bulletred: Sarah Caultry and Cimarron Starbright in comic WingsOfASong
:bulletorange: GMD OC ladies together: Ali, Edith Burke, Sarah Caultry, Birdie, Amber Mus, Cimarron Starbright, Sandra Flint, Alana cel Rau, Charlotte, Lucille, Agnieska, Elsa Wilch...(more to come the more I find out)
:bulletred: GMD OC boys together: Fane cel Rau, Ray Lehmann, Oliver Loran, Michael Zepp, Bastial, Diego, Bernard, Zven, Stas, Athelstan, Justin O'Brian, Lars Maurus, Damien Sorena...(more to come the more I find out)
:bulletred: GMD Non/OC villains together: Fane cel Rau, Lars Maurus (?) , Ratigan, Dominick, Daniel Sterling, Bernard, Alejo


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Wow!! Absolutely GORGEOUS work, everybody!! :love: You all deserve my faves!

And THANK YOU to those who draw my OC babies in your interpretation of them! I love them to death! Thank you!
Cimarron Starbright TGMD - Cimarron Starbright stamp by Yaraffinity
Cimarron by Toony-Tornado GMD OCs: Cimarron Starbright by ALS123 Dance With Me by VDupLEX Christmas Rodent Party by VDupLEX Not Enough Spice by VDupLEX Gift : Dance ? by Poloka-Lili
Captain Sandra Flint
Mi Capitana by TopHatTurtle Chase the Wind by AlcyoneSong Shall We Dance? by AlcyoneSong Morning Light by AlcyoneSong Chase the Wind
“I will ride, I will fly,
chase the wind and touch the sky.”

Bristol, England, 1890
It was a balmy night in the port town of Bristol.  A floating forest of tall ships dipped and bobbed in the harbor, their sails trimmed and secured for the night, as seabirds circled overhead calling out to each other. The rigging clanked, the cables groaned against their moors in tune with ships bells. The lanterns on the bow and stern flickered as the tall ships dipped and rocked with the waves lapping against the seawall. The air was heavy with the scent of salt and fish mixed with the more exotic aromas of cargo from all over the Empire. Around and under the warehouses and buildings an entire world existed.  Rats, mice, and other creatures went about their business hidden from the eyes of their human counterparts.  They exchanged stories, engaged in betting sports, and made deals in taverns of their own design.  
Chase the Wind P2
United Winds
"Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls."-Khalil Gibran
Connor had business affairs to take care of in Bristol, and he sent a telegram off to London. Afterward, he had a picnic hamper made up by the local grocer and arranged for a carriage tour of the seaside. He cleaned up and put on a fresh cream colored linen long sleeved shirt, a dark green vest, and dark gray slacks along with a burgundy damask silk ascot that was fastened with a small gold and emerald circular Celtic knot pin. He splashed on some cologne on his neck and chin then brushed out his fur and hair fastening it into a tidy ponytail.
He bought a bouquet of a dozen pink roses mixed with heather and yellow mums on his way to pick her up. He met her at the tavern entrance where he helped her up into the cart the bouquet of flowers r
Catch the Wind P3
A Turning of the Tide

"A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea."- Honore de Balzac
Sandra's ears pinned back as she watched him go. His departure felt a bit cold and lonely. Did she go too far in asking about his personal life? It was probably still a sensitive subject to him.
Sighing, she turned her gaze toward the fire, resting her elbows on her knees and lacing her fingers together.  She stared into the roaring flames which engulfed the charred remains of the logs in the hearth. "Yer getting too forward with him, mate," she thought to herself. "You're lettin' yerself get too vulnerable. What if Connor was lying about that story and pretending to be concerned about you? Remember what happened the last time you trusted a man with love." Her back tingled slightly only reinforcing her apprehension.
"No. Connor would never do that," her
Sandra Flint by VDupLEX GMD OCs: Captain Sandra Flint by ALS123 GMD OC sketch - Captain Sandra Flint by GracefulTatiana1897
Countessa Alana cel Rau
GMD OCs: Alana cel Rau by ALS123


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Hey guys! So just to let you know, college is starting up again fro me, which means I will be busy. But just to let you know, I will answer messages and stuff whenever I can. And also, the requests and gifts I am working on for you guys are currently under way! I won't be taking any more requests afterwards, but I will let you know when I can! ^.^ Oh yeah, and I will be going to COMIC-CON this weekend in Salt Lake City!! :la: :la: :iconeeeeeplz: I'm so excited!! I will be dressing as Katniss Everdeen!! I will post some pictures when I get the chance of my costume!

Also, I am dying to show you a chapter of mine from "To Trust A Pirate" GMD OC story. I haven't written the other chapters yet and this chapter is completely written out of order and not finished, but I am seriously dying to show you guys! So here it is!


Dominick glared down at Sandra. “I’ve kept patient with you, lass. But as since you continue to rebel against my command, it’s high time you learned who is your superior. Men!” he snapped at them. “Chain her to the mast. We are going to give her a taste of the cat.”

Sandra’s eyes widened and she struggled with the men holding her down, but they were too strong for her all at once. Slamming her to the mast, they chained her to it, the iron cuffs binding painfully around her wrists.

“Rip her shirt from her back,” Dominick ordered. After tearing off her corset, the men used their claws to rip up her shirt like hungry wolves killing their prey, so the cloth hung only in shreds around her upper body, doing little to cover her.

“I will kill you for this, Dominick, I swear I will!!” Diego was screaming, wrestling against the crew’s strong hold on him, fiery rage burning in his amber eyes. Dominick only answered by throwing a powerful punch to his stomach, causing Diego to cry out and double over.

“Don’t ye worry, boy,” Dominick hissed, looking down at him. “You will get your share of the cat-o’-nine soon enough. But you will just have to wait your turn.” Snapping his fingers, he motioned Bosun to bring the cat-o’-nine-tails whip, a deadly instrument with nine long lashes all on one handle. It was one of the most brutal instruments for punishments to use on board; many a sailor had died from it, and those who survived it were left with deformed backs for the rest of their lives.

As Dominick approached her with the cat-o’-nine, he fingered it thoughtfully as he looked at her, as if whether or not to use it. He gave her a malicious smile and said, “I change me mind. Bring me the blood whip.” Obeying his orders, Bosun brought him a cruel looking red whip with a flexible metal point at the end of it. Dominick smiled wickedly as he fingered the sharp tip.

“This will teach you not to defy me, Sandra. You are no longer captain, and you will follow my orders as commanded.”

Before Sandra could say a word, Dominick raised the whip and brought it down, giving her the first lash. Sandra cried out, her head throwing back. The lash was more painful than she could imagine; she could feel the metal point slice through her skin, causing blood to drip down. And this was only the first of many lashes to go. Clenching her fists tight, she bit her lip hard, fighting the urge to cry out as Dominick beat her again and again. But soon, the pain became too much to bear, and tears streamed down her eyes as she sobbed softly, gritting her teeth as she kept her head down,  refusing to let him see her cry. Every lash to her back burned through her skin like fire as the metal tip found its mark, tearing her fur and flesh and letting blood flow down her back. With every sting, it was not only a lash to her back, but a betraying lash to her heart, breaking it so it was cracking in every curve that pierced her soul. It was then she vowed never to fall in love again, to never trust a man with her heart and soul as she had done with Dominick.

Finally, his fifteen lashes were over. Sandra panted as she leaned her head against the mast as blood flowed down her back at the same rate that tears streamed down her face. She suppressed her sobs, glad the whipping had stopped. But Dominick was far from done with her. Casting aside the whip, he came up to her, pressing her tighter to the mast, his chest to her back.

“Look at you,” he cooed in her ear as his cold, unfeeling hands stroked her sides. “How gorgeous you look, bare before me and with blood streaming down your back. And to make it better, you are all mine.”

“I will never belong to yo—aaah!” she gasped as his hands snaked around her and grasped her bare chest while his teeth sank into her shoulder where he left the X brand on her shoulder.

“On the contrary, my pet, you do belong to me,” he whispered softly and maliciously against her shoulder as he licked the blood from her shoulder. “And your mark proves it. Remember, you made a promise, so therefore you are mine to take pleasure out of.” In emphasis, he squeezed her chest harder, sinking his teeth into her neck and sucking on it. Sandra groaned and cried out, weakly trying to shake him off, but it did no good; her efforts were only in vain and too feeble for any improvement. Chuckling wickedly, Dominick continued to grope her and began to lick blood from her back. She felt invaded and disgusted, but she tried not to let it show, refusing to beg for mercy.

“Don’t let him get to you,” she thought as she gritted her teeth, squeezing her eyes shut. “Remember what Father said. Be strong, don’t let your pain show, don’t let your enemies know they are getting to you. Don’t beg for mercy, be strong, be strong…” But Dominick’s torturous touching, biting, and scratching was becoming too much for her. Finally, as she felt his claws rake into her sides as his tongue glided along her neck, she could bear it no longer.

“D-Dominick…p-please stop…” she whined softly. Dominick only chuckled and grasped her chin, kissing her lips; she could taste her own blood in his mouth, making her sick to her stomach.

“No,” he said softly and harshly, turning his attention back to her body. “I’m not through with you yet. I’ve only just begun.” He ran his tongue along her shoulder and neck, moving down to lick more blood from her back once more as his hands stroked her and squeezed her all over lustfully. Sandra moaned; disgusting…she felt so disgusting and dirty being touched this way, but she was in too much pain to shove him off, too weak to fight. She could only rest her head against the mast, biting her lip as tears streamed down her face, trying her best to endure the pain, despair, and filthiness she felt, praying it would soon be over.

 “Father…forgive me…” she thought as tears streamed down her face. “I failed you…I failed to not beg for mercy…I failed not to let my sorrow show…I failed to protect my ship, my crew, my sister...forgive me…”

After what seemed like hours, but really had only been a long moment, Dominick let her go. “That should teach you not to defy me, Sandra,” he told her harshly. He then grabbed her short hair, roughly yanking her head back, forcing a cry of pain out of her. “And let that be a lesson to you should you even think about disobeying your captain again,” he whispered venomously in her ear. He then let her go and snapped at his crew. “Take this defiant wench to the brig with the rest of the lot. And chain him to the mast,” he added, pointing to Diego with an evil smile. “I promised him a taste of the cat. And I’m always a man of my word.”

The crew laughed maliciously as they did what they were told, releasing Sandra from her bonds and putting Diego in her place, slamming him to the mast, causing him to bash his head into the wood, leaving a large gash in his forehead as small drops of blood dripped slowly down. Sandra struggled weakly against the pirates dragging her away, grasping Diego’s hand. “No! Please, leave him alone!” she cried. “Let him go! Don’t hurt him, please!”

Diego squeezed her hand in reassurance. “I’ll be fine, Sandra,” he said as the men ripped his shirt from his back and chaining him to the mast. “Don’t worry about me. Just go, I don’t want you to—”

“No! I won’t leave you!” she cried, clinging desperately to his hand. But Dominick’s men cruelly wrenched her from his side, pulling her farther and farther away as they dragged her to the brig.

“NO!! Stop! Let me go! Don’t hurt him! Diego!” she shrieked, fresh tears streaming down her face as she flailed helplessly against the men’s grasp. Though the stinging marks in her back were screaming in protest against harsh struggling, she did not stop fighting against their hold until they had thrown her in the cell.


So there you have it! And no, Dominick is not a vampire, he is just a sick brute. Ugh, it was so hard for me to write this chapter. I hate to have my OCs be tortured. :(

Also, here is a part of Chapter 5 of To Love a Criminal GMD story:

    When Cimarron began to awaken much later, her head was throbbing with pain. Groaning, her eyelids fluttered open as she clasped her forehead, trying to ward away the stars she was seeing dance before her eyes. When they were gone, she blinked several times, looking around to get a better sense of her surroundings.

    She found that she was lying in a large and soft bed, the silky blood red sheets high up to her chest and her head lying in very big pillows. Black metal roses climbed their way up the posts of the bed. The bed was in a large and rather lovely room. Over to her left was a gas lamp on a small desk next to her bedside and a mahogany cupboard with white swans on the doors and white lilies along the frame. On her right there was a dresser of the same wooden making with a large mirror decorated with roses and swans all along the rim. Her violin case had been neatly placed near her bed and her bags were hung nicely on a nearby coat rack. There was a tall bookcase standing next to a cozy little fireplace with a plush armchair and loveseat surrounding it, making it a very welcoming environment to settle down and read a book. And near the fireplace was a beautiful black piano, gleaming softly in the fire’s glowing light.

    “Well, Ratigan certainly knows how to spoil a girl,” Cimarron chuckled to herself. Then, suddenly, her eyes widened as she remembered what happened before she had been knocked out, and she realized that she was a prisoner now. She jolted up into a sitting position, but groaned as her head throbbed with pain, regretting her movement.

    “Ooh, careful there, love,” a warm friendly voice told her as a soft hand touched her shoulder while another hand placed a cold pack on the bump in her head. “You don’t want to move too fast with that awful bump o’ yours.”

    Cimarron looked up and to her surprise, saw Delara standing over her, smiling warmly at her.

    “Delara! Oh, I’m so happy to see you!” she said, hugging her, very glad to see a friendly face.

    Delara smiled as she hugged her back warmly. “It’s good to see you too, sugar.” After Cimarron hugged her for a short time, she leaned back to look at her. “What are you doing here, Delara? Does Ratigan have you prisoner too?”

    Delara coughed uncomfortably. “Um, well…not exactly, dearie. You see, I…actually, I work for Ratigan.”

     Cimarron gazed at her, bewildered, hardly daring to believe her ears. “W-what? You mean, you were forced to work for him, right?”

    Delara shook her head. “No, sugar, I worked for him of me own free will. And don’t look at me like that,” she added when Cimarron gave her a shocked and glaring kind of stare, “I had no other choice. Ratigan offered me a job at the Rat Trap when I was sacked from my last one and no one else would take me. It ain’t exactly a paradise dream job, but at least it gets me the money I need to get by and Ratigan has provided me with any materials I may need if I need it. You of all people would understand what it’s like to be poor and ye would do anything in yer power to keep yerself from going hungry.”

    Cimarron pressed her lips together after hearing this, her ears folding back shamefully. She did know indeed what it was like to go hungry and how at times she would have to steal a loaf or two to keep her going when not a coin would be tossed to her when she would play in the streets. Feeling guilty for judging her, the gypsy rat said gently, “You are right. I’m sorry, Delara. I didn’t mean to judge so harshly.”

    Delara waved a hand. “It’s alright, sugar,” she said with a small smile. “I don’t blame yeh. I’m sure any other rodent would have reacted the same way.”


    Cimarron nodded. “I suppose so,” she agreed. 


So there you have it, guys! I will be updating chapters and stories soon! Maybe one of these days I will actually get the first chapter of "To Trust a Pirate" done. :stare: Anyway, PLEASE PLEASE comment, critique, etc, let me know what could be improved. Love you all!


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Hello. *bows gracefully* Cimmeron, at your service.
I am a huge romance freak, as my username so says.
I love dreaming up romantic fantasies and love the suave villain/heroine thing.
I LOOOOOVE music! I cannot live without it!
Theatre is my life! I love it and hope to play as Christine Daae, Mina Harker, and Elphaba one day.
I love reading, drawing, superheroes, action movies, romantic movies, singing, having fun with friends and family, animals, Disney, and other things.
I love to accept everyone and get to know them.
And HUUUUUUGE THANKS to the lovely :icontoony-tornado: for the beautiful picture of me she created I'm using for my profile!!

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