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IMPORTANT!! I HAVE A BUNCH OF PROJECTS IN MIND, AND THEY WILL BE VARIOUS IN WHICH ONES I WILL FINISH FIRST SINCE AT THE MOMENT THERE ARE SOME THAT ARE MORE IN PROGRESS THAN OTHERS. AND DUE TO THIS AND BEING BUSY AT COLLEGE, I WILL NOT TAKE REQUESTS. I will let you know when I will be doing requests again. As far as art trades go, I will only do one at a time, and right now that is currently filled. Thank you, and please have patience with me! :pray: I am a fast artist, but I'm slow on updates and getting it done.

To Do List:
:bulletred: Idea in thought
:bulletorange: lines drawn
:bulletyellow: chapter/story started/in progress
:bulletblue: coloring in progess
:bulletpurple: chapter/story being edited
:bulletgreen: Done/going to upload

Art in progress/needs to be worked on:
:bulletred: OC bio for Alana cel Rau (Geez, she’s been sneaking around the corners of this place long enough and roleplayed with a ton of people with her you’d think I’d get her bio up by now! :stare: )

:bulletred: Brody D&D OC for Commanderjalc

Important Stories that need to be updated:
:bulletyellow: To Love a Criminal: Cimarron and Ratigan (*bangs head* MUST. GET. 5TH. CHAPTER. UPDATED!!! :stare: )
:bulletyellow: To Trust a Pirate: Sandra and Ratigan (GET FIRST CHAPTER UPDATED!! :stare: )
:bulletred: Some kind of story for Alana cel Rau, Fane's daughter
:bulletred: Alana getting revenge for Sofie story for WingsOfASong (Geeeez, I had this idea in mind a long time ago, I promise I’m going to get to it honey I’m sorry! ^^; )
:bulletred: Cimarron dancing for soldiers (Stas, Zven, etc.) for VDupLEX
:bulletyellow: Great Mouse Christmas Carol (Chapter 3 in progress)

Gradual story updates:
:bulletyellow: Eliza and Basil 100 themes
:bulletyellow: Avengers Pranks
:bulletyellow: AvengersxReader
:bulletyellow: RatiganxReader stories
:bulletyellow: Dusk till Dawn story
:bulletyellow: Disney City RP journals
:bulletyellow: “Dancing with the Devil” one shot crossover fic with Ratigan and Mrs. Brisby (Found this file buried in the abyss of forgotten stories. Should get it finished someday.)

Ideas to start on:
:bulletred: The Hex Girls-GMD style
:bulletred: OC bio for Lila Flint (To Love A Pirate fic)
:bulletblue: OC bio and picture of Dominick Alexander (for To Love a Pirate fic)
:bulletred: OC bio and picture of Diego Banderva, Captain Sandra Flint’s first mate (To Love a Pirate fic)
:bulletred: Portrait of the cel Rau family: Fane, Adrianna, Alana, Marin (he is Fane’s brother, so he counts as family)
:bulletblue: Fane and Alana art series
:bulletred: Fane’s seven deadly sins
:bulletorange: GMD OC ladies profile pictures: Rook Murren, Ali, Edith Burke, Danielle Ratigan, Sarah Caultry, Birdie, Amber Mus, Cimarron Starbright, Sandra Flint, Alana cel Rau, Charlotte, Lucille, Agnieska, Elsa Wilch, Giselle, Isabelle...(more OCs to come the more I find out)
:bulletred: GMD OC boys: Diego Banderva and Dominick Alexander (my OCs), Fane cel Rau, Ray Lehmann, Oliver Loran, Michael Zepp, Bastial, Diego, Bernard, Zven, Stas, Athelstan, Alejo, Justin O'Brian, Lars Maurus, Daniel Sterling Damien Sorena, Marin Fernesku, Lars Marus,...(more OCs to come the more I find out)

I WillDrawWhatever IWant Stamp by DragonHeartLuver I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte Writers Block Stamp by Khrinx Art Block Stamp by Khrinx I'm Famous Stamp by Khrinx Read The Description Stamp by xXPariahsXx Long Artist's Comments Stamp by aque-mizuhara OC's Are My Babies by Foxxie-Chan When you feel like giving up... by IceXDragon DA Stamp - So Many Ideas... by phantompanther Stamp: Characters are children by Jammerlee Writing Stamp by WetWithRain Character Abuse by StamPorMole it mocks me by ajCorza


Wow!! Absolutely GORGEOUS work, everybody!! :love: You all deserve my faves!


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Hello. *bows gracefully* Cimmeron, at your service.
I am a huge romance freak, as my username so says.
I love dreaming up romantic fantasies and love the suave villain/heroine thing.
I LOOOOOVE music! I cannot live without it!
Theatre is my life! I love it and hope to play as Christine Daae, Mina Harker, and Elphaba one day.
I love reading, drawing, superheroes, action movies, romantic movies, singing, having fun with friends and family, animals, Disney, and other things.
I love to accept everyone and get to know them.
And HUUUUUUGE THANKS to the lovely :icontoony-tornado: for the beautiful picture of me she created I'm using for my profile!!

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     Mark smiled as the bell rang, signaling for him and the rest of the kids to go outside to play for recess. As he reached the YouTube playground, he saw that The Game Grumps brothers had all conquered the climbing gym as usual. Minx was boldly swinging on the monkeybars while Felix, or Pewdiepie as some liked to call him, was on the slide with Cinammon Toast Ken. Yammimash was playing Pokemon with some other children, and as usual, he was coming out as the champion. He saw the group who called themselves Smosh Gamers, among them being Ian and Anthony, playing Capture the Flag. And over in the corner he saw two of his friends Bob and Wade. Bob was sitting on the corner watching Wade tossing a basketball nonchalantly into the hoop. Mark smiled, and grabbing his little buddy Tiny Box Tim, he was about to go over and join them when on the corner of his eye, he saw a boy about his age sitting under the tree all alone. Getting a closer look, Mark saw the boy was rather small, wearing a grey cap over his chocolate brown hair. He was wearing a black shirt, Levi pants, and sneakers, with armbands all up and down his forearm. His blue eyes were down cast, looking sad as he snuggled a green eyeball the size of a volleyball to his chest. Cocking his head in curiosity, he went over to Bob and Wade. 

  "Hey Bob, who's that kid over there sitting by himself?" he asked him.

  Wade gave Mark a look of confusion. "Don't you remember, Mark? He was here last week on Friday."

    Bob rolled his eyes. "Mark was sick Friday, you weirdo. He wasn't here to know."

    Wade blushed a bit. "Oh yeah, I forgot." Taking a look at the new kid and back at Mark, he said, "His name is Sean, but everyone calls him Jack. He's a new kid from Ireland." 

    Mark raised his eyebrows in interest. "Ooh, Ireland, really?" he asked. 

    "Yeah. His family had moved to America this week, but only just got to come to school Friday because he was so busy moving in." 

    Mark smiled. "Awesome!" Looking back, his smile slipped a little. "But...why is he sitting all alone?"

    Bob shrugged, rubbing his glasses on his shirt and putting them back on. "I don't know. We asked him if he wanted to play with us, but he said he didn't want to." 

    Wade nodded in agreement, looking sorry for Jack. "We guess that he's missing his home. We really didn't want him to feel alone, but I guess he just wants his space for now. He told us he will come play later, doesn't seem like he feels like it yet."

    Mark frowned, gazing at Jack, feeling sorry for him. Being the big open-hearted child he was, he never liked seeing anyone feeling left out. If there was anything his mom taught him, it was that no one should ever feel alone. Gazing down at Tiny Box Tim, he smiled and got an idea. Brushing back his jet-black hair, he winked at Bob and Wade. "Don't worry. Like my older brother says it, let a pro handle this one!" Raising Tim to his eye level, he smiled at him. "We're going to give Jack a friend, aren't we, Tim?" Tim nodded, waving his tiny arms in excitement. Tucking Tiny Box Tim in his arms behind his back, Mark walked confidently over to Jack, giving a welcoming smile to him. "Hi ya!"

    Jack raised his head, looking up at Mark with wide blue eyes. "Oh...uh,...hi."

    Mark smiled, plopping down on his rear next to him. "So you're the new kid, huh? I wasn't able to meet you Friday cuz I was sick. Jack, right?"

    Jack blinked a bit, looking away a little, then back to him, not really sure what to make of this kid. "...Yeah, that's right. Who're you?" 

    "My name is Markiplier. Or just Mark. Nice to meet you!" Mark said enthusiastically, crossing his legs. "So you're from Ireland, right? What's it like there?"

    Jack gave an eyebrow at him, then just shrugged. "Eh, really green. No leprechauns like people t'ink there are. Lots o' rain almost every day. It's the only thing that I don't miss from my old home."

    "Well, at least you don't have to worry about that here!" Mark said enthusiastically. 

    Jack shrugged, looking forlornly out in the distance. "I guess so...still, even with the rain, I miss home...moving here is ok, I guess. But I miss my old friends and countryside."

    "Yeah...I'm sorry...It's no fun moving," Mark said in agreement. For a minute, they both sat in the grass in awkward silence. Then, looking down at the eyeball in Jack's lap, he remembered why he brought Tim along, and he said, "I noticed your mascot friend. He's so cool! What's his name?"

    Jack blinked, a small shy smile tugging at the the corner of his lips in surprise. "O-oh. This is Septic Eye Sam," he said, lifting up the eyeball. Now able to get a closer look, Mark could see that the eyeball was green where the white was supposed to be, with a blue ring around the black pupil. Lifting it's "tail", Sam waved it in greeting. Mark smiled and waved too. "Hi there, Sam!" 

    Jack's little grin became more bigger. "Y-you like him? Really?"

    Mark nodded eagerly, his brown eyes shining with light. "Oh yeah! He's adorable! I like mascot friends. I have one myself!" He took out Tim from behind his back, holding out the cute little box. "Say hello to Tiny Box Tim!" Tim smiled at Jack, waving at him. "Hi, Jack!"

    Jack's grin turned into a full smile, the sadness leaving his eyes. "Top of the mornin' to ya, Tim!" He looked back up at Mark. "That's so cool you like mascot friends too. I don't know that many people who do."

    "Neither do I. They think it's not that cute or just for babies, but I like my little biscuit!" Mark said, snuggling Tim to him and smiling, setting him down in the grass. 

    Jack nodded in agreement, his hat flopping a little bit from his eager nod. "Totally. Nobody really liked Sam because septic eyes are gross and infected. But I felt a connection with him cuz I had a septic eye was back at my old school when I got a scrape on my eyebrow. My friend gave me the nickname o' Jacksepticeye cuz of that." He hugged Sam to his chest, then set Sam in the grass to play with Tim, watching them as they began to chase each other playfully. "It's one of the few things of Ireland that I was able to take with me," he added sadly. 

    Mark smiled, his eyes lighting up. "Jacksepticeye? That's an awesome name!" he said, hoping that made him feel better.

    Jack raised his eyebrows, giving a small smile at him. "Really?"

    "Oh yeah! Totally better than Markiplier!" Mark nodded eagerly. This his eyes lit up in an idea. "Hey, you know what? That can be your YouTube name!"

    Jack cocked his head in confusion. "My...YouTube name?" 

    "It's this thing where you get to have a cool nickname when you first come to YouTube Elementary," Mark explained.

    Jack thought about it, then smiled happily. "I like that! My YouTube name is Jacksepticeye!" he said proudly. Sam and Tim hopped up and down in excitement, looking happy. "It looks like they agree," Mark said with a grin. Getting up, out of the grass, he picked up Tim and pulled Jack to his feet. "Now that you've become apart of us, you wanna come play with me?"

    Jack's blue eyes shined with happiness, picking up Sam. "Yeah! I'd love ta!"

    "Great! We can play with our mascots while we play ball with my other friends Bob and Wade."

    Jack smiled happily, putting Sam on his shoulder. "I love balls! This'll be fun!"

    Mark laughed, fist bumping the air. "Awesome! Race you to the basketball court!"

    Jack gave a mischievous grin. "Ok. One, two, t'ree, SPEEEED IS KEEEEEEYYY!" He yelled as he took off like a rocket before Mark could even prepare himself.

    "Hey no fair! I wasn't even ready!" Mark laughed, racing after him. He could tell that the speedy little Irish kid was going to be a lot of fun to hang out with. As Mark and Jack formed a team with Bob and Wade, Jack felt his insides become lighter with happiness. He didn't think that he would actually fit in here, but now he saw that he had become part of another family among his new found friends.
Markiplier and Jacksepticeye: Wanna Play?
This was a little something that I came up with after I drew this drawing -->…

This was a little something that I came up with, which is Mark and Jack both being in YouTube Elementary school as kids, around like 5th grade at least. Jack moved to America, and Mark is making him feel at home by being nice to him and making friends with him. I love these guys sooooo much as best friends! They are so funny together and they are so nice and awesome and fun! Such great friends! They make me so happy together as BFFS!Markiplier Flawless Reaction Tee Hee  Markiplier Dancing Scopophobia Jack Dance 

This is actually my first Markiplier/Jacksepticeye fan fiction! Actally, my first YouTuber fan fiction ever! :la: I really hope you like it! I hope this is ok. I tried to make them sound like kids as much as possible while not making it too fluffy or make them become friends to quickly. Please, I would appreciate it if I got some critique on this! 

Also, I KNOW that having Mark and Jack's mascots alive is a bit weird, but think of them as like Pokemon. Like, Ash's ideal Pokemon and best friend is Pikachu. So think of Tiny Box Tim and Septic Eye Sam as their Pokemon, sort of, and it's common to have mascots like that.

Markiplier's Channel:…
Jacksepticeye's Channel:…
Wanna Play? by RomanceFreak
Wanna Play?
This was a little something that I came up with, which is Mark and Jack both being in YouTube Elementary school as kids, around like 5th grade at least. Jack moved to America, and Mark is making him feel at home by being nice to him and making friends with him. :love: I love these guys sooooo much as best friends! They are so funny together and they are so nice and awesome and fun! Such great friends!
 Markiplier Flawless Reaction Tee Hee  Markiplier Dancing Scopophobia Jack Dance 

I am sooo happy how this turned out! I can't wait to have this colored in soon! I hope that you guys like this too! 

Here's the story that goes with it too:…

Mark and Jack belongs to themselves. 
Art is mine.

Markiplier's Channel:…
Jacksepticeye's Channel:…
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Hey Y'all!! :la: :la:

It was such a wonderful time! I wish it didn't rain as much, though. XP Ugh. It wasn't supposed to be raining through the week, but apparently, nature said 
"Screw the weatherman" and rain on us every now and then. 

But anyway, it was a wonderful time! My family got a lot of fish, there was an amazing hike, and we saw so many beautiful flowers in the fields! I loved it so much! I love nature! It's so beautiful and makes me appreciate the beauty that God has given me to love and appreciate. 

Anyway, I will talk more later about it later, but for now, I gotta go.  About to watch an awesome movie with my family! And I will also be answering comments too as well as we're doing that. Love you all! 

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